Cheap Sk8s - Balling On A Budget

by Cheap Sk8s

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released December 21, 2015

Cheap Sk8s is
Garet Greitzer - Guitar/vocals
Aaron Leclerc - Drums
Joel Confer - Bass

All songs performed by Cheap Sk8s
Lyrics by Garet Greitzer
Tracks 1-4 recorded December 7, 2015 at The Workshoppe in Kent
"Let's See (Acoustic)" Recorded in November
Mixed by Aaron Leclerc and Joel Confer at West Oak Recording
Cover layout and design by Garet Greitzer
Front cover photo taken by Rachel Williams

2015 Cheap Sk8s x Death Scam Records



all rights reserved


Deathscam Records Kent, Ohio

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Track Name: DIY or Die
Track Name: Anthem
don't want job or a shitty car, just wanna stay inside and play guitar. there is no point in staying alive, all i do is try and survive. i don't wanna do no diy, i just wanna sit here and cry. this house show kind of blows and i don't wanna smoke a bowl.
Track Name: Take Two
i don't know anybody here. let's give it up for another year. i've listened to you over a thousand times. even when he started to stutter and cry. dragging it out until i'm ripped to shreds. the ache that's only in yer head. i don't want any of their sympathy. i'll just take whatever you're having.
Track Name: Your Car
i liked you better before you had a car. i liked you better so hit me with your car. i liked you better before you had a car. i liked you better so remind me who you are.
Track Name: Let's See
i never felt this way before lying wide awake on a bedroom floor. it was dark and i could barely see and i could only hear the sound of the movie. you left before i could say goodbye now i'm wondering why i even try. keep on trying to make it more with with the bruise on my thigh down from the floor. hold on tight and just stay sit, trying to find my place to fit. she told me to forget about it but it's kind of hard maybe just a bit. hold still as my hands begin to shake. i could really use a little drink. where the hell do you buy a pop when it's late downtown with only some six bucks? keeping it on the down low even when i didn't know. prettier than a van gogh on display in the art show.
Track Name: One More Time
from the times i came home so late: another show, increasing my heart rate. screen printing shirts and there’s no food on the plate. the most intimate event to date. one more time and lucky number eight. sleep behind the wheel; concentrate. ten bands need shows booked; procrastinate. everyone but me; excommunicate. every night wasted away, stuck in another goddamn speedway. decisions made on the straightaway, couldn’t tell if this was yesterday. i was easy to manipulate, feeling ready to intoxicate. you’re wearing me down; making me dilapidate. dogging me just to lose a little weight. i’m getting bored, let's rejuvenate, something needs reactivate. now we’re both stuck in a stalemate. i’m asking where was my mistake? looks like my funeral day. where the hell is my bouquet? doing time led me astray. found myself back in the alleyway.