SAP - Resistance is Peace Demo

by SAP

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released December 9, 2015

Dom - Guitar
Garet (Celery) - Bass/Vocals
Peter - Drums
Scotty - Vocals

All music by SAP
Front cover layout by Peter Kratcoski
Recorded by Justin Bowen November 21, 2015 at The Workshoppe in Kent, Ohio
Live pictures on front cover taken by Rachel Williams & Brandon Emmert

©2015 SAP x Punky Records x Death Scam Records




all rights reserved


Deathscam Records Kent, Ohio

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Track Name: Resistance Is Peace
oppression in violence, in all forms
to oppress and control is a violent action
war is violence.
racism is violence.
sexism is violence.
homophobia is violence.
transphobia is violence.
classism is violence.
ableism is violence.
animal abuse and environmental destruction is violence.
the government and its economy rely on oppression to exist.
to uphold their order and achieve their sick agenda.
the system is violence.
capitalism relies on the oppression of others so that those in power may benefit.
capitalism is violence.
revolution and protest are the voice of the oppressed... the voice of the unheard.
a brick through a starbux window is not violence.
to destroy the system that keeps the world in chains is not violence.
to defend nature by whatever means necessary is not violence.
violence is when the rich attack the poor.
by controlling the wealth, the media, and the market.
why should i not bite the hand that feeds when i am being fed poison?
why should i try to fit in to this society when i have been taught to hate myself since the day i was born?
american culture is violence.
oppression is violence.
to resist that oppression by whatever means necessary is peace.
resistance is peace.
resistance is peace.
resistance is peace.
resistance is peace.
Track Name: Political Detainee
the middle class has always been taught to hate the poor
be obedient to the ruling class and never ask for more
this idea of classism is embedded in our minds
by prejudice media and politician lies
the media focuses on the supposed harmful poor
by targeting people on healthcare, minorities, and more
by demonizing poverty they make the privilege apathetic
which only adds to the poverty epidemic
the poor are seen as freeloaders benefiting from the system
this mindset causes controversy on government assistance
as the rich keep getting richer
the poor turn to crime
so they can end up in a prison institution doing time

the rich are in control
they turn us on each other
as you are bought and sold
one after another

the capitalistic system seems impossible to avoid
for the fear of not surviving when you become unemployed
when the rich control the politics, the media, and your food
it's no wonder why society's perception is skewed
prejudice and hatred and gentrification
are all tools they use to smokescreen their oppression
this behavior isn't new
there's always been a ruling class
and an obedient society is what lets this bullshit pass
we are always taught to look out for number one
think of us and ours and shun
anybody who needs help and tries to reach out
we don't have the empathy to trust their intentions without doubt

the rich are in control
they turn us on each other
as you are bought and sold
one after another
fight the ruling class you can learn to be free
take your life back or be a political detainee
political detainee
political detainee
political detainee
political detainee
Track Name: Cage
i am the dog in its cage
whimpering and crying and filling with rage
i am the voice in your brain
begging you to change but you stay the same
i am the animal tested
screaming in pain as i pray to be rescued
i am the carcass you eat
tortured its whole life and then killed for its meat

in this world where life is seen as a product
i wont wanna live here
we act without thinking of the future
i wont wanna live in fear
we don't have empathy
i wont wanna live there
ask yourself if you possess compassion
while they live in fear
Track Name: Cat Calling Scum
this isn't your house
this isn't your world
but thats the way you act when you catcall girls
how is a woman suppose to feel safe
when the chances are so high of her being raped?
you act so entitled
but you're just a pig
your intentions are vicious and you know it
people like me are sick of your shit
keep your tongue in your mouth or fucking lose it

you're not a man
you're just catcalling scum
i will give you something to run from
you think it's okay
to treat women as prey
but now the roles are switched
and i will make you pay
you're calling from your window or just standing in the street
treating women like a slab of meat
and when you get called out on your disgusting actions
you say or imply that she was asking for it
you're nothing but and animal with no sense of respect
i can see that male entitlement has gotten to your head
people like me wish you were dead
keep your hands to yourself or fucking lose them

you're not a man
you're a catcalling dog
i will give you something to run from
you think it's okay
to treat women as prey
but now the roles are switched
and i will make you pay
Track Name: Dying Mother
dying mother
forgotten and ignored
broken planet
rotten to its core
society's the cancer
and it's spreading more and more
dying mother
forgotten. forgotten and ignored

the people that they laugh at
the issues they ignore
the dying world that they create
natural connection torn
we strive for something we don't know
we've never felt before
something that we haven't felt since the day we were born
i long to feel clean water rushing past my feet
i long to taste clean air as i stop to feel the breeze
i long to see the world with a sense of permanency
but all i've ever know is destruction and disease